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Biking long distances
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Cycle a 120 km trip with ease. The Li-on battery allows you to make short and long trips with your e-bike.

Quick service at home
Hi, how can we help you?

At the moment that suits you best, we will come and visit you for delivery or possible maintenance. We also make it easy for you to schedule the delivery or the maintenance. 

Quiet and compact mid motor
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Experience stable ride comfort, pedal smoothly thanks to the 5 support levels and walk effortlessly thanks to the stroll function.


You deserve to cycle through life carefree. That is why we not only offer e-bikes, but also the service that goes with them. That means support all along the ride, from test ride to final maintenance.

More than 100,000 cyclists have already been sold. Also curious?

Veloci on Tour

Want to try out our bikes? Want to know how we provide service? Come to one of the Veloci on Tour days.


Overview dates and locations

After the delivery of your bike, we like to maintain your bike, so you can keep on cycling. Our mobile team of technicians is also happy to help you with repairs. The date and place where we do this, you can easily choose yourself.


Discover our service

Questions about our electric bikes? Ask them, because we’d be happy to answer them.


Contact us

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